Post Construction Cleaning


The last fixture is in, the last room is painted and all the hard work on your new built or renovation is almost done. The last piece of the puzzle is the Post Construction Cleaning.

No need to worry anymore.  HCS will also help with your post-construction cleanup. We have a white glove treatment process that makes sure every angle, crook and cranny are gleaming once we are done with it.

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We understand that the whole renovation or new build projects can be very demanding and frustrating. let us take the cleaning out of the equation so you can have more time to focus on the other tasks. We work with home owners, property managers, contractors, project managers all over Long Island and New York City to clean any construction project once completed.

Our team will go room by room making sure that the inside of the property is spotless and looking amazing. We will also make sure hat the outside is looking fantastic and clean. From dusting to junk removal, we got your back.

We know that dust and debris can accumulate during construction. We will vacuum and clean all areas of the property. Some of the thing on are checklist are:

– General detailed dusting all over the property. Wipe down and sanitize all counters, furniture light fixtures, doors, windows, ceiling fans, cabinets, shelves, blinds, vents, baseboards, walls, frames, hinges, handles, door knobs, moldings, closets etc.

Cleaning Services Huntington NY Office Cleaning
Cleaning Services Huntington NY office maintenance
Cleaning Services Huntington NY Office Cleaning

-Thorough sanitation of bathrooms and kitchens including toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, tiles, tile walls, mirrors, cabinets, closets, appliances, pantries, counters and floors.

-Floors are swept/vacuumed and mopped in all areas of the property. We can also polish floors in needed. Our team will clear any remaining debris from outside of property and all remaining garbage. Windows will be washed outside and we can power wash any section of the property outside. 

Give us a call today to discuss our post construction cleaning plan and prices that will fit any budget.